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About The Company

AZCaliva Corporation started with just a person’s desire and perseverance to lose weight and live healthy.

Coach Barbie was determined to lose weight and be physically healthy. She started the weight loss journey that proved to be challenging since she did not have enough knowledge on how to achieve what she really wanted. Thankfully, with the support and brilliant mind of Gerald Caliva, who eventually became her business partner, she was able to successfully realize and fulfill her dreams.

The journey was not easy. There were struggles and hardships that confronted them along the way. But these did not stop Coach Barbie and Gerald to move forward. They became more motivated to explore and learn about the various products and services that can be beneficial to them as well as to the people around them. They strived to expand their knowledge and capacity to improve further. This opportunity gave way to the creation of their very own company – hence, the birth of AZCaliva Corporation.

AZCaliva Corporaton, once was just a product of their determination and commitment to live healthier, has now become successful. And the success of AZCaliva Corporation is not just because of them, but also because of all its valued customers and clients who have continually embraced and believed in the company’s mission and objectives.

AZCaliva Corporation Mission

We, AZCaliva Corporation. We are on a mission to attract, develop and retain talented enterprising, entrepreneurial and self-driven individuals to be part of our team. We value employee empowerment as we thrust them to higher standards while we build a strong culture of high integrity, mutual respect, collaboration and excellence.

AZCaliva Message

We, AZCaliva Corporation. We help people by providing top of the line products and services. The kind of customers who love our services are business driven individuals who wants to make a change in the world. Our service empowers these driven individuals to strive for greater heights. Unlike other corporation, we provide a sense of confidence and trust of the quality of the products and services we represent.


A leading and respected global brand that promotes health, wellness, and prosperity.

Tag Line

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Behind life’s challenges are opportunities to rise above it. Take inspiration from the little victories that you encounter. With perseverance and hardwork, your dreams will come to pass as reality.

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