Probiotics For Life

Generally, bacteria are known to cause negative effects and diseases in the human body. When we get sick with a bacterial infection, we are usually given antibiotics as a treatment. As the antibiotics take effect, it kills the bad bacteria. However, it also inadvertently destroys the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. This can make our bodies susceptible to other digestive problems and diseases.

You can restore the balance in your digestive system by taking in Probiotics. Probiotics, or the so-called ‘good bacteria’, are live microorganisms that are generally beneficial to your health. They rarely make you sick but instead, Probiotics restore the balance of the bad and good bacteria back into your gut for a healthier digestive tract. The ‘healthy bacteria’ in the gut causes the breakdown of food and aids in the nutrition absorption process.

A number of clinical studies indicate that taking in Probiotics can actually help treat digestive disorders such as diarrhea and constipation. For people who have urinary tract infection (UTI), the ‘healthy bacteria’ can be an alternative treatment. Studies also show that Probiotics contribute to healthier skin as it suppresses eczema flare-ups and thwarts other skin conditions, and even allergies.

Probiotics are also said to help in weight management and metabolism. A study was conducted by some researchers from Stanford University in 2006. In their study about Probiotics and obesity, they learned that the people who were largely overweight possessed a different kind of bacteria in their digestive system than the people who were normal in weight. This somehow suggested that a person’s digestive bacteriological composition has an effect on his or her general weight. In addition, the people who have undergone weight loss surgery found that Probiotics were useful in managing that desired weight post-operation. Another study was conducted and with a group of women who had recently given birth. After taking in supplemental capsules (with the lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains), it indicated that Probiotics played an active part in helping the women shed a few pounds and inches off their waists.

You can take part in finding out the surprising benefits that Probiotics can do for your body and overall health. You can incorporate Probiotics in your diet now. These ‘good bacteria’ can be sourced naturally from fermented foods. You may not be aware of it but you may already be eating them in the form of yogurt, olives, kefir, and kimchi, among others. You can also get Probiotics as supplements. You can get them in tablets, capsules, or powder, and consumed together with your regular diet.


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